Making a Better Intranet™ For teams and businesses, a software platform that helps increase employee retention by personalizing the workplace.

The Problem

Today HR technology tools are stitched together within a company’s “intranet” where the employee experience is fragmented, inefficient, confusing and frustrating because the employee does not get one view of the workplace.

The Solution

Reframe is making “a better intranet” with a cloud based, integrated HR technology platform and ecosystem that helps companies increase employee retention and personalization.

Companies We've Worked With

How It Works

Reframe brings all of your workplace tools together for a more productive and personalized employee experience.
Workplace Collaboration
With our basic plan, get messaging, teams and groups features to form and build teams and groups based on interest, projects, job function and professional associations (i.e. employee resource groups).
Learning and Upskilling
Our plus and above plan, provides admininstrative features to plan, design and distribute learning and upskill content through our content management and learning management system.
Employee Relationship Managment (ERM)
Our professional plan and above provides administrators and buyers with the ability to manage a community and engage, customize, design, plan and reward their employees' behaviors and attitudes.


Form your workspace and collaborate with your team, group and company employees beyond the walls of email.
Plan, manage, publish and distribute learning content specific to your employee, team and company needs.
Design and collect real time feedback from your team, group and company throughout their workplace journey.
Design, deliver incentives and reward programs for your team, group and company employee.
Plan, manage, publish and distribute content specific to your employee, team and company needs.
Proactively respond and address your employees' experience based on actual data throughout their workplace lifecycle.

Customer Success

“Reframe was instrumental in helping Verizon develop an enterprise wide employee engagement strategy and plan that was modern and inclusive.“
Javier Farfan
VP, Marketing
“We selected Reframe after we conducted a RFP with similar organizations...the overwhelming deciding factor was their future forward vision for cultural change, advanced methodologies and processes to help facilitate the change, and diverse team in a variety of subject matters assembled”
Benjamin Feeney
Director of Foresigth & Design
“I had a chance to review an earlier version of the approach and appreciate the more mature perspective on this emerging industry vertical.”
Daisy Auger
SVP, Talent Acquisition
“Reframe helped Prudential understand our level of cultural maturity across three (3) retail businesses. Their strategy informed our executive education, programming and go-to-market requirements.”
Dorinda Walker
VP, Brand Marketing & Advertising